Nova tuqMairtin

ANTIPOÉMUS is a celebration of the corporatism and oligarchies running our world.

For Dr. Morgan Rutherford, Fast House and friends, comrades in Exponentialism.

Before A Future Maximus

I attempted to write.
I attempted to do,

before children no longer mattered.

If ever I write,
if ever I do,

then children no longer matter.

Children own pieces.
Children have brains.

Children submit the ideology of nationhood.

Children as interests.
Children as food.

Children no longer matter.

The Efficacy Of Tourist

The toilet in Cairo did not work.
The toilet in Seattle did work.

The water stains in the toilet bowl.

The toilet in Mexico City did not work.
The toilet in Chicago did work.

The towels were complimentary.


The toilet in Calcutta did not work.
The toilet in New York City did work.

The rose colored soap did smell.
The rose colored soap could not be found anywhere.

Children were included in the price.
Children were not included in the price.

The toilet in Gaza did not work.
The toilet in Miami did work.

There were new people included in the price,
beautiful women to jack off to on TV.

The toilet in Kingston did not work.

The Possible Eliptor Factor

When a human dies
it is 1,714 potential lives that end.

When planets die
12.87 trillion life-forms become obsolete.

The possible eliptor factor
is the SUM of 1,714 x 12.87 trillion.

We must obtain the possible eliptor factor
and run it into "MAXO",
run it through the ground,
through the various modes of annihilation
and economic segregation:

        The Modes of Idus!
        The Modes of Idus;

the responsibility of the United States.

Nahuatl Codus 1

the unit of interface for the
who goes totting into life and death the
and is baptized and buried by the

Eating the commodity-food-burger,
you are there - the commodity-living-planet.
The stuff that moves around your body,
the commodity-blood-highway,
accountable not to commodity-crummy-self
but to commodity-discriminate-hospital.

The Twelve Antiquities

Hierarchal Order



Eloquent Poetry


Non-Inquisitive Loyalty


Individual Wealth



Symbolic Order

Ownership Of Resources

Unnecessary Poem For Poémus

Approaching Poémus.

People tossing bombs,
seaside towns,
half-faced Dutch merchants,

children chew on a father’s neck wart.


The capital of the world.
The world in universe,

assassinations at the universe’s Burger King®,
a universe of stores.

Lord Gupta of the Indian delegation,
clutches his fine teeth,
approaching Poémus.

The discriminatory papers are available on
aisle four.

God sends Poémus.
LifeGiver® ist born.


The poem is Three    Four

max on them Quigby

        Britain air battle,
        supreme in the air

The poem is Seven    Eight

it means something fancy

it accomplishes challenge

The poem is Twenty Rifle

ambition meets hallmark

(the Directors are here)

The poem is Psychology One

base Four corporate language
meta-people, meta-chances, success, and

        we “downsize” burritos
        or “close the deal” on friendships

an MTV® piecemeal thinking

the piecemeal workers,
Constitutional    /    internships

To want    To want

The poem is Three    Four

Credo Nathan Mumbled

Onst poverty I can’ts buy
the best of the cheap bread;
with American Express®,
the premium brands,
for women
their panty hose,
silk blouses for breasts,
steak dinners times ten.

Where do I go to apply
for luxuries and convenience,
and I may not qualify?
Will a government agency help me
live thee up to standards?

The liberty to possess
and use
American Express®
is attained by honor;

this is not a threat.

Nahuatl Codus 2

The commodity-discriminate-hospital
on purpose a backing of the

A champion, a prized artifice of war,
the ruler-commodity-hierarchal
of the only-thing-holy

The commodity-sad-emotions and
keep you in check,
not thinking outside of your

Unpublishable Savants

Guns de Militaire

guns of the gangsta

[large and proportional distances]

The poetry of journals
The poetry of the great White sentiment

Guns de Militaire

a poetry of the lower classes
[are there class distinctions?]

The Guns de Militaire

oh, but wretched guns of the gangsta

Teflon To Save The Hall Of Memory

teflon cryogenics

the blockage of death by teflon

what you do
is turn on channel 20

wait for clear channel frequency

no shimmy nor question freedom

then hit it with the screwdriver

1.7 gig memory sector do not eat the french fry

install on short notice a juniper or a triumph

you wait for celebrity freezings

a diamond falls on teflon

pull up on zipper to say goodbye to teflon

goodbye to favorite celebrity
or call it their last stand

caught you on a sunny morning sipping milk
and watching TVs

pass to sunny boulevard and blatant hall of memory

leave clothing by the palm trees, it is an age of sex

we’ll make another celebrity; they are it, they are it

teflon cryogenics, Winslow

Residency Delpeshian

I climbed into a world of apartments
where teenagers sat within.

I went to many parties,
ate chips n salsa, popcorn, and pizza.

Then I realized
it was not a world of apartments
where teenagers sat within
eating chips n salsa, popcorn, and pizza.

But rather,
it was the United States of America.

And it went on forever.

Only Triumphs

There are no healthcare options.
        [only triumphs]

Offspring Moralescence

Championships lead not to vagrancy.
They have not source of vagrancy.
I submit the ordinance H4 7Vagrant, section 1
(Championships Lead Not To Vagrancy,
Have section 1.
Have section 4.

2001 NBA® champions - L.A. Lakers®:
no vagrants.
1997 NFL® champions - Green Bay Packers®:
no vagrants.

Clean and identify the champion alliance.
They wrote a law against the vagrancy.

Champions will not come to our town.
I must never walk alone as vagrant.

The champion versus vagrancy.
Every father is a champion.
[you are a champion if you live in this land]

Revert the order of the vagrancy:

[we are not weaklings].

Champions: Harley Davidson® riders.

Locust Season

The lessons gained from military history
control aspects (control of children),
        indicate many things
the keys to military victory
having half the people with heads,
        half the people without heads
lie (regardless of the size of opponent’s force)
        or greater public cultural autonomy
        remaining ahead of the enemy
Ms. Electorate Johns as enemy,
        go get her my fashionable Donny
(in) time sensitive SCORE loop processes
        of the C4-I-2 processes
future generation Bradley tanks
state-of-the-art confinement tracking
or privatization citizenry
that breaking half the man’s wrist
never to eat macaroni again,
        a writer for the information

General Franks
bring thee down a sandwich
bodyguards and cool whip dreaming

for a human, the SuperNation® of
        superhumans and moralists,
as human
do the work for the greater human;
a concept of courage and leviticus only

turn the African inside-out,
        Monrovia, Liberia,
mercenaries on the grasslands
        [of the nation’s payroll]
wait for insect’s song and
pleated face-hog meat
or empty useless words,
        hide guns from the TV

        it is a date with TV
        employ it as a soldier only

The Didactic Dialectic

In God we trust™.

If Mama ain’t happy
ain’t nobody happy™.

We bring good things to life™.

Compassionate conservatism™.

We love to see you smile™.

Be all that you can be™.

Your way, right away™.

Real news, real fast™.

All things are dangerous™.

This is CNN™.

Generation Next™.

Something special in the air™.

No one can eat just one™.

These are the quintessence of Wal-Mart.

Attainment For The Jesus Brain

I have a TV in one room.
I go into the other room to watch the other TV.
Call it the Hall of Wisdom if you want.

I drink my sodas at the half hour of every hour.
Call it the Sacredness of Life at this point;

the Hours of Opportunity,
the Attainment of Ability;


A Pepto-Bismol® Reggae

we’re getting nausea

nausea all the time

come with the beaters in the head
it is bleeding

pass me my pants
but the nausea’s winning

my fine lady I callest her China

we rockus the nausea boat

we’re going to change this world

rockin’ the nausea boat

fighting the fee of the nausea kingers

the king-makers, king-makers, the nausea folks

the nausea folks

(unpoetics, Vietnam,
look on St. Croix,
le Joseph Stalin highway)

nausea all the time
nausea all the time

Formal Protocol Salesman

The purpose of advertising
is to tell people what new pharmaceuticals
they should take
and to lead them down to a River of

The purpose of doctors is to prescribe
to people
the pharmaceuticals they have seen on TV;

to deliver us from evil;

to make services necessary.

Doctors are like salesmen,
but with a more formal protocol

        (the Viceroys of Need,
        semen, semen,
        the Solicitor Generals of Commercial Health,
        here in The SuperWorld.

        The patent holders . . .
        the semen slingers).

Freedom Of The Dathos

3:16 P.M., 12 January 2001 Mr. Henderson
sends message
AOL-Time Warner®, Viacom®,
11 September 2001,
62 percent of media . . .
. . . message intercepted.
There is a battle on top of satellites.
Small microbes fighting each other.
Order by President, Senate, FCC.
The Boston-makers. Men of Boston
reprinting the Constitution
        guaranteed the children of the farmers
        can have journals to document their crops,
        no more crops
send signals to freedom of press,
signal meets voltage / three to four amperes
enter accountant of ownership.
Men enter room with pants rolled up to knees,
enter dominion, the Garden of Eden,
to be able to eat anywhere on planet,
McDonalds® or Burger King®,
freedom of the press,
who knew,
who cares,
leader of the smarts sways the stuff best.

And this is what we’ve built with this planet?

Sacramento, California, 27 July 2003

The car arrives at Point One.

The other car makes its presence kin
to the car in opposition.

This is not mere car at Point Two,
but rather car between
Point Two and Three –
(the car at) Point Two and Seven Eights.

The car in opposition dear Titus,
the emperor is in danger.

If he makes a move right now,
then he is in Concourse,
. . . like checkmate.

Look at the men on top of the building.
They lay with rifles and binoculars.
They are
the Dispatched Guardians of Hegemony.
Always white, or at least in the appearance
of proper white males.
Yes, tightly cut hair, tight shirts, watches,
sunglasses, body spray.
Yes, always males.

They checkmate us, checkmate us.
The Dispatched Guardians of Hegemony.

A Winter At Valley Forge

We took drugs,
we charged on the military.

The military filed reports
saying, “you can’t charge on the military.”

The President filed reports stating
there was a new war against the military.

CNN® covered stories exonerating
War Machines.

It was opened a
Henry Kissinger School for Diplomacy.

It was a four for one sale, Margaret.

We loosened our diapers and played with
our doo-doo.

We had a founding father.

Tactic Racial Lullaby

When the twilight was falling
American soldiers took their babies.
. . . for babies must be taken . . .
Whose babies?
Where babies?
Babies gooby goo-goo?
Do people still need babies?

When the war against the Arabs started
Americans hid their babies.
This baby.
My baby.
Cannot babies live subterranean?
They are very tiny diggers.
Teensy tiny, dig, dig.

The Premonition Of Bus

We have just arrived at a stop
somewhere in between.

The bus is filled with the smell of
Carl’s Jr.® burgers and french fries.

I believe it is now that I have arrived.

A bearded man says to a 16-month old baby
as he feeds the baby pieces of
his hamburger,

“It good? . . . That good? . . .

eat it.

It good for you.”

A Savior Poémus

Bridging over the bridge to Poémus County.
Attempting to reach Poémus,
January 1945,

        is not Poémus unobtainable Poémus[?]

No, I’m going to do my best Dr. Rutherford,
I appreciate all the success and career

The television brought Poémus,
little pieces of it here and there,

you went down in your knees,
and leave your brother alone

for Poémus,
for Poémus.

The Lakota or the Crow have Poémus,
declothe it,
celebrate Poémus,
for it is too frightening to be shaken from
out on the tall-grasses in the prairies.

The cowards turn way of Poémus.
Smoke rises from a Wal-Mart® store in east

Send for Poémus,
and have LifeGiver® come running

(it is urgent, the Summer Savings Sale,
the Faculty of Cleansing,
the program ritual).

Generic Rappin’ Anywhere

Guns. Yeah,

be preachings all around
of a pistol alliance.

Guns. Yeah,

we’re taking it coast to coast.

Guns. Yeah,

no falsified deeds
of a homegrown traitor.

Guns. Yeah,

Lord Constable start the show.

Moment Of Truth, Moment Of Drubbings

Suzanne Somers, childhood hero.

Mission there,
way to go!

Suzanne Somers, breaker of queens,

hot chocolate dreaming
we call you Suppository.

A riot, a racket, a wheeler of dozens.

Come vixens blow high winds
and come trade winds come running.

Suzanne Somers
picking the team
of young fine professionals,
impersonators of self,
ugly face, make-up face, come visit California.

The salty elf people steal the space station.

The followers of Suzanne rise up.

Vercingetorix, Vercingetorix!

A war begins.

What justice are these lines?

I live in a land of tourists, terrorists,
and logical jump sequences.

        [ egg egg]

Soldierland Lithium (10th Line Coda Press)

Not am I certain
of the United States Marine Corps.
Not have they won every battle.
Not is the look in their eyes
a violence bred of poverty.

Their alumni wear the moustaches,
their moustaches orderly like freedom.
Their moustaches, the stinkpots of freedom.
They are strong and smell of dank.
Order the conflicts for protection.
That wars should never end.
People come home fucked up from them.
Many will never come home.


“Killing my liver at daybreak,
killing my liver on a beach in Spain.

You are the builder of the Pyramids,

You’ve brought the time to pass.

I go in front of your world,
only to take things, to take away,

to take casualties.

Bring me that bottle of rum, Conrad.

I need it this morning.

It is dumb here in the land of warriors.”

        - LifeGiver®

Cancer Bet

The nurse has been mean.
He is not helping me,

helping me turn this stuff to proton.

How can I help this place,

print something for the lines of Earth?

(another, more simplified, hero medicine pill,
type and configure the Sisyphus program)

Nibble warts to pass the time,

play with pieces of brain,

it is Sunday, pieces of brain on my shirt,

a pâté, like cream made of garlic on
my forehead and teeth,

the skin jaundiced
pulling back around the eyesockets and

the liver, O the liver, a different universe,
a more beautiful planet,

the sunshine of the liver cancer.

The bronze wardens of the HMO
greeting me warmly in the center of the
liver cells,

the busty medical education marketing director,

the landing pad of reciprocity, convolution,

TV, coercion, and commercials!

It is blue and yellow here.

The helicopters do as they please,

mounting the buildings and landscapes.

        (the helicopters hold angelic access)

The Finance Codex War (Bombing Codes)

“Finance needs not be cohesive,
distinguishable, or forthwhile held accountable.

Conceivable and comprehensible
are not descriptors
that capital may apply in human,
or commit in treason
held honorable, the businessman as coward.

These reasons I quit;
everything is finished,
The Bolsheviks, Jews, Negroes, Terrorists:
        market consolidation
         . . . imagination, federal pennies.

Conceivable and supercedeable
must go further than humanitarian

distinguishable heads of accountants,
all vestments have them tied-in,
must commit in treason the profit of a few.

The word to our investors,
visit the State of Virginia,

the good investors,
steak and dinner,

ten dollars slash one
one and twenty dollars and thirty cents.

End bogey. End one.
The form of attack biologique,

        bio-metric supreme,

        whisper, whisper,
        office bindings,
        office settings.

The future being long-made every

- American Doctrine of Infinity
CIA in pimpingness, CIA continuum

Parental Moral Blaster

Don’t go stealing bread.

Don’t go stealing bread.

When you steal bread you have to
go back where you stole the bread
and explain to the man exactly
why it was that you stole the bread.
[acquiescence 12] You have to go
back and give him a quarter
[worry 3] and hope that he has not
paid for the bread [worry 1] and do
not count losses [worry 6] nor wait
on return of the bread. [1,2,3,4,5,
and Hampton Inn, it is time for bed]

You cannot go around yelling at
people, “I will fix you. I will fix
you.” [pinnacle 2; insult 1] A stealer
of bread must never give in. [the
correct times square] And can never
make the assumption for humans.
[pinnacle 2; insult 1, except when
fixing side ways] Must always be
considerate of the temperance for
bread, and special volume buying
power. [some things that have not
question] You have to go back and
give him a quarter [worry 3] and
hope that he has not paid for the
bread. [worry 1, and printhus]

Generic Rappin’ Eastside River

Suck my bleach,
yo President whitey.

Suck my bleach,
yo President whitey.

When the kingdoms you want,
the kingdoms you create.

Suck my bleach,
yo President whitey.

You suckin’ people’s faith.
You suckin’ people’s fear.

Suck my bleach,
yo President whitey.

The Psalm Six Seven Seventh

Hamburger and LifeGiver®.

On the hamburger a piece of LifeGiver®.

(LifeGiver® has moles on his back
like little children made of hamburger.)

In the end the hamburger defeats the
Greeks and Romans,
and the monarchs of the old British empire.

LifeGiver® asks for more
and people hold up a cow to him.

The great bleeding at the market place,
the midday sun
over the towns of northeast Spain.

The t-shirt,
upon it is written “LifeGiver®”,

and the hamburger
with little moles and warts
burned and charbroiled,
coupled there for the keeper of time,

a friend of LifeGiver®’s,
a cosmic contractor buddy,
between the veils of far off sky.

Christianity, Christy

For a long time
I suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

I lived in a house on the hill.

In that house I suffered the mistrust
to believe that I suffer.

I am a candidate for pills
and evenings with pretty ladies.

There is a creation and labeling of me somewhere,

thence I take off my head and screw it
into oil cans.

I jump around and talk about tackle box
and incense holder.

I live in the house on a hill.

Message Secret Rank Rank

First Corporal,

Second Sergeant,

plug plug!

Lieutenant, Lieutenant,

this is good poetry to breakdance to.

We are breakin’ for the ages.
Yes, I know this Corporal,
you are the first to be listed up there.

breakin’ for the ages,

breakin’ for the ages.

It is a dance of youth, something new

(we are the Exponentialists,
Fast House breakdancing crew).

Clear out the living room,

it ain’t the time for the
Baby-Boomers to be published.

Our Romanticism

The moons in trident,
werewolves in lingerie,
the New World is coming,
the New World is coming.

The big metal machines,
the plastic little molds,
they’re pumping them out,
the big metal machines,
the plastic little molds.

I asked you to come to a log cabin,
the place in a green Oregon forest,
but this was a vacation in retrospect,
a vacation for Two Thousand Ten.

There under three moons
General Electric® hid forever.
A United States military hiding-cavern,
pine needles on the forest floor.

You taking them out,
you smashing their heads,
Mossacio’s screaming descendants,
Adam and Eve,
smashing their heads.

On the stones in a pine forest,
the River Clackamas down below.

S.T.R.E.N.G.T.H. Cats

In the middle of the night I awake
to the smell of bacon and eggs in the air.

The people of the world
are outside on the lawn cooking bacon and eggs
for the President of the United States.

The United States military is standing all around them,
pointing guns at them
while they cook bacon and eggs for the President.

They give him the eggs of their daughters
(their ovaries for an American football match,
a contest of strength).

The President is the Signifier of Penis.
This sentence is the signifier of rape.

Variable Vector Sexism

Mankind has a penis.

: A woman has 2 penises.

God has designed Woman
to carry 2 erect penises on
her chest.

Christianity, Christy (October 2003 Version)

* The following poem was amended because the pharmaceutical company Novartis created an additional diagnosis for Irritable Bowel Syndrome to expand their market share . . .“Irritable Bowel Syndrome with constipation”.

For a long time
I suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome with constipation.

I lived in a house on the hill.

In that house I suffered the mistrust
to believe that I suffer.

I am a candidate for pills
and evenings with pretty ladies.

There is a creation and labeling of me somewhere,

thence I take off my head and screw it
into oil cans.

I jump around and talk about tackle box
and incense holder.

I live in the house on a hill.

World Of Labels As Multi-Poem

Plentitude and gratitude.
Blast the starry night.

On a rocket written U.S.A.
They’re plowing down the homes.

I see a song of first light.

The edge of dawn from outer space.

I buckle into my first head,

my dutiful space-strong-cruiser.

Plentitude and gratitude.
For perfume I take as wife.

Take Walt Disney World Resort®
for example,

present it to the constable,

there is a cache of warship owners,
Latinos and some tourists.

I registered for the field school classes
(Anthropology 1720);
we are working on a world of labels,
we label new born people.

[Asian Americans over there,
Navajo-Iroquois Americans over there,
50-caliber casing shells, Springfield rifles.

Summer Vacation Americans,
exeunt insidious, over there.
Bofo. Bofo. Blind eye. Tartar teeth.]

Biblical Abstractus

Is there Thine correlation for presence?
When moments come, time must find a clockery.

Blind is the correlation of time for presence
and engenderings and consequence

        be mentioned for kudos, for kudos!
        for merit partake endeavor.
        Endeavor go home,

for Christmas

box of chocolate,
rain forecasts magical,

or genuine African tribal people. Safari Tours®.

Correlation for presence,
        buying things,
        the moral-moral paying people;

The Tourists.
The Racists that pick and choose.

        Automatica        Inconsciencia

Worship Feelings

Now is the time to worship.

I’m returning to the house of worship.

It has a garden and a path leading up to it.

There is a McDonald's® Big Mac™ sandwich.

Those are the sirens of the police.

That is how they make their sound.

For bring ye ‘round the commercialized product

        in the house of the worship
        in the house of the worship

        this holy song-shaped temple body.

Now is the time to worship.

Education Two-Side Dumb

A degree from an American university.

A menu from McDonald's®.

A menu from Krispy Kreme®.

A land of posers and cheats
and officials speaking under conditions of anonymity.

A degree from an American university.

A menu from McDonald’s®.

StopBack, StopWorld

Hello my little Führer
I know that you were wrong.
They peg the TV stations
to hope that you are right.

Hello my little Führer
we turn coffee into coffee machines.

A 1940s Europe
suffers the dreams of today’s purveyance.

purveyor and purveyorest

pervertor inth pervertedness

coffee into coffee machines



coughing, cold and flues

(dreams of certain things in certain world

(the President and his friends)

Freedom Renaissance U.S. Army Terrorists

Freedom Renaissance U.S. Army Terrorists

how are we to stop the hopes?

they’re getting away with a learned innocence

will the united world front hold?

Freedom voted renaissance,

yes it did,

billfolds of double terror,

a Secretary of Defense taking simply time away,

engender thee the U.S. Army,

marrow of life bark on, bark on!

steal from terrorists my U.S. Army Renaissance,
        O balls of light

O surplus Wal-Mart® freedom.

they’re giving unto renaissance

a nuclear day of victory

we wanted only procurement

        coherence with incoherence
patriots scoring touchdowns

incinerate and genesis.

Exactlies Qualitatives

You want to make money.

Once you make money
you buy things with it.

In the end,
when someone asks about your life
you say,

“I made a lot of money and I bought things.”

Frozen Always Homewards

When the milieu taunts it is midnight.

When the white moon rides over the dark blue sky
it is midnight.

Midnight is a time between the sunset and sunrise.

        Eat great late after Midnight.

When the milieu taunts it is midnight.

The cheddar peppers and french fries still fry
after midnight.

Ralph has a pimple and you are a tender person
the figurines above the fire place
around midnight.

Contemporary Doldrums


        "Yes, John."

"Who died and made you king?"


"Yes, Tom."

        "What is the capital of Sri Lanka?"


        "Yes, Song of Song."

"Is this our boring speech?"


“Yes, Song of Song.”

        “The fax machine is broken.”

The Segment In The Bible About “Mob Mentality”

"Mob mentality allows us
to make fun of disabled children.

Mob mentality engenders us to say stuff like
‘Ah yeah, booyah bitch!’

Mob mentality solicits a group from loneliness,
from loneliness,
to support a Republican or a Democrat,
consent it to a president,
consent the apathy of

Mob mentality is the great right right goodness
that defines an ignorant people."

        - Zebucus (at the Sea of Similarity)

Goal Oriented Press Release

The United States of America.

Uh huh. Uh huh.

Go for the victory!

Go for the victory!

The United States of America.

The goal oriented survivors.

Sincere and very tough.

Steal the Navajo Nation courage principles.
        The Courage Fighters.

The principles of books.

Non-poetics. Non-inclusive.

A square poem as opposed to rare.

Meaningless people, meaningless mediums.

        [How can this be Courage Fighters?
        the courage or non-courage revealed]

        [Is the courage in north or Antioch?]

        [we fight for the thing of substance]

Thine Only Credence Hear This

I am not a worker.

You are a worker.


* This has very serious implications.

To Obtain Poémus

He’s missing that Claude
go talk to Poémus,

can’t writing Poémus

be impossible Poémus?

Martha said
having the Dutch royal treatment

treatment of bank account

yes, high master applied,
high people, high reticence.

Not reaching Poémus,
Ciudad Victoria ocho kilometros further.

You sit down and fix your wounds.
Take dear care aim of life.

In the hospital of the special life
I register for health insurance,
I’m looking for Poémus.

In the museums one hundred years ago
it was already written word of Poémus

also in the Verizon® advertisements
and the dejected be speaking clearly land.

I am naked,
naked Titus.

Scientist At Nationalism

Infinite protocol I design.

A robot I am designing,
a messenger of interludes.

It will go about repeating for
the rest of eternity,

        “I’ll whoop your fucking ass.
        The United States of America is the
        greatest place on Earth.”

[This is for the interlude of disagreement.

Disagreement is now criminalized.

The robot, Type T74, works for the
Commission of Cultural Processes
for The Office of The President.]

At A Certain Point Of Truth Convergence

The AK-47 was designed by an American.

Was not.

Was to.

The Americans put the first person into Space.

Nuh uh.

Uh huh.

Hundreds of thousands of people were
executed in El Salvador.


What about the Geneva Convention?

Oh that’s like the shopping center,
that Mall of The Americas thingy.

And the radio was broken.

It was made in Malaysia.

Malaysia is the capital of America,
le SuperNation®.

Yes, it is also the vice council of
the SuperLand Alliance.

They eat rice and chicken nuggets.

It’s cool.

I know.

Los Modernos

They’re getting married.
They’re doing something that’s never done.
They’re having children.
They’re approaching pinnacles of life.

They’re buying batteries.

They’re doing what anyone can do.

They’re doing nothing.

They’re fixing food in the microwave.

They have a job.
They’re alone.
They're sometimes cowards.
They impress management.

It’s not their fault.
They’re doing nothing.

Food Food Inth Sacred

I would like a Texas Double Cheeseburger™.
I should want an era of mass advancement.

I would like an order of Biggie Fries™,
for it is an era, my fine Plutarch,
        of the haves and have nots.

Is it not a moment of contemplation?

[a time for barbecue sauce and
Crispy Chicken Nuggets™]

I play with my ketchup.
I play with my doo-doo.

Living in this era it is like
playing with ketchup and doo-doo,
mixing it up, ketchup with doo-doo,
eating food food
        (like this so,
        humane and mythological).

        These things get up and walk to the deity.

        The deity baptizes them "food food";
        for they have walked, actually walked,
        the Texas Double Cheeseburger™,
        the Biggie Fries™
        and Crispy Chicken Nuggets™,

        in the bodies of human life-forms.

The Generator Doh Doh Doh

American football,
call it
a “nationalism generator”.
[write the code of the spectacle 5-4]

Call the nationalism generator
a “fascism generator”.
[take things from countries,
take things from people]

Use the fascism generator from the College of Delacroix,
make a populace with certain inclinations,
commit war crimes,
call the President on his telephone of accountability,
drink sodas,
watch American football on TV,
remark to yourself, quietly, in your head,
        “Oh, doh doh doh.”
[end the code on the interlude of truth above,
run the five query, run five the query]

Stockpile For Fistings

Assassination bound
every leader
must suffer

in consideration that

come once fall

a leader must be killed.

I’m heading down the street.

Crackers and soup are in the cupboard.

Black leather, shiny shoes
a leader puts them on.

Stack and clean the magazines
someday inside a living-room,

watch a leader on the TV
in a world of possibility


In Loquacious Pantheon

Weight Watchers® is not the best.

For your cousin it is the best,
(they have free popcorn).

Weight Watchers® requests insidious.

The college graduate marketing major.

Feed le homeless people.

What is incorrect?

Yes, a topical savior.

Yes, yes,
a topical savior.

The reason for amendments;
Weight Watchers® became necessary,

café points for your mind is tinkering.

The unempowered human beings.

I may be crazy upon the
land of magnet freedom,
freedom is to give unto commodity anything
it wants

per chance or per victorious,
eat a bag of moustaches
in the Weight Watchers® office

        take the moustaches from the
        destitute police-state.

Steamboat Company Holitude of Meaning

Verse 16:7

Disembarkation Breakfast commences collapse
at 6:00 AM.
Repent in Dining Room of 6:45 come and
take the holy water.
Cocktail Hour come high (on mountain) 6:00 PM,
thy spirit wax and clean.
Dinner – 7:00 PM, it is finished;
        the Day reinvents our meaning: we work.

Verse 16:21

Breakfast in the House of Hours
the Captain between 6:00 & 9:00 AM offers
his destitute glass.
7 – 8 AM, Dining Room is not a barren desert.
Lunch does a facelift for 12:30 PM,
“mein kampf!”
Bread supplants the Cocktail Hour and
inherent racists = tourists,
at 6:00 PM I was hoping to heal the
        vagrant brave of nationless.
Gender, there yonder, the flock there
        is sleeping,
7:00 PM, sex does not change the path that
        you consent.



The Exalt Complacence

A river runs through my ass,
a ball of worlds.

Pissing and shitting,
a Neanderthal of time.

A ball of worlds. The owner of words.

Perhaps a terd.

An invitation to intellectualism.

A terd. A toilet.

A terd and a toilet,
I dig for survivors.

In the face of things
I again survive,

even watch the sunrise,
my farthest Laura of the Petrarch.

The intellectualism hast not survived,
I am Son of Man.

Amended. Amended.
A toilet. A toilet.

[ le fin ]

About Antipoémus

Originally written in 2002-03, when I was traveling and living between Mexico and the US, Antipoémus is a deconstruction and regurgitation of the modern (and ancient) economic landscape 99% of the world lives amongst. Antipoémus embraces advertising speak and exponentializes the messaging technics utilized by corporations, politicians, and oligarchs to entrance, confuse, and control the world. Much of the poetry is written in an illogical and inelegant form of anti-poem, a stark contrast to the intellectually witty, refined, craft-focused poetry prevalent in academic creative writing at the time.

Please enjoy this text responsibly.

Nova tuqMairtin

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